The finest teas and teawares

The Finest Loose Leaf Teas

A selection of fine, ethically sourced loose leaf teas including: White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Pu'er Tea, Specialty Teas and Hand Blended Teas.


We offer a selection of fine teaware to complement your tea drinking and Cha Dao practice.


Tea Pets (茶宠 - Cha Chong)

We have an assortment of Tea Pets or "Zisha" that are made from Yixing Clay and used in Gong Fu Tea Practice.

Cha Dao - The Way of Tea

We are practitioners of Cha Dao, the 7th Century Tang Dynasty practice with roots in Daoism and Buddhism.

World Teas

We are pleased to bring you teas from the 4 big tea producing countries: China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, Indonesia, Tanzania, Malawi and Rwanda.

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要解口渴, 就喝汤水; 要排忧解闷, 就喝酒; 要清醒头脑, 就喝茶

"To quench thirst, drink soup; to relieve worries and boredom, drink alcohol; to clear your mind, drink tea"

Lu Yu (733 – 804) 


"And as for chanoyu, just boil the water, make the tea, and then drink it: you should know that it is simply a matter of doing just this"

Sen no Rikyū (1522 – 21st April 1591)