A Simple Tea Meditation

This is a simple 10 minute or one hour, as you require meditation.  It’s aim is to simply take a moment out of your day to sit in a present moment of mindfulness.

Its aim is to cultivate a sense of reverence for all life. Reduce stress and anxiety which helps you find a greater clarity of mind and improved concentration.

It’s a simple starting point for other seated meditations and mindfulness training. Simply by consistently applying this meditation over a month will actively help to bring about a greater sense of understanding of your own mind.

Each of the following steps focus fully on the task at hand, make each step your sole point of effort and mental focuses. Allow your mind to totally appreciate all aspects of the tasks.


Step 1, Make your tea.

Any tea, doesn’t matter what or how. Notice the boiling of the water, the steam, the infusion of colour into water.

When your tea is made simply “sit with your tea” notice the aroma, the colour, the interaction of steam and air. Consider the process that the tea has took to change. From seed to plant to package to cup. Consider all the human effort and development for you to simply sit now in the present with your tea.


 Step 2, Give Thanks

 Be thankful to all those who have had a hand in producing your tea, their efforts. Then consider the people and effort to bring you water to drink and electric or gas to heat and boil that water.

Consider how easy it is to take this act of ‘simply sitting with tea’ for granted when others do not have tea, drinking water or heat...

Appreciate the cup of tea and everything that had to happen, that thought to yourself and the knowledge that you also depend on infinite living and non-living things to exist as you are now in this moment just as the tea does.


Step 3, Drinking your tea.

Now the important part, you have prepared your tea, you have been thankful and respected those who have expanded effort to bring this tea to you.

Take a sip at a time and notice the aroma, the taste of every sip.

Between sips focus on your breathing and then sip again.

If your mind wanders off (as is natural) notice where it takes you and then bring it back to your tea and the task at hand.

Be fully focused for the drinking of your tea, understand that this moment and this cup of tea will never exist again. It is an example in impermanence.  A magical point that can never repeat.


Step 4, Giving thanks again.

As you bring your meditation to a close, give thanks once again, considering and congratulating all those who helped bring this tea to this point in time with you.

Now you’re finished it is important to understand the ritual of this, a simple Tea Meditation such as this is an example of how you can find the divine enlightenment in most of the activities of your everyday life. Notice throughout your day how positively transformative this approach to the everyday can be.


Ven. Cha Lama Tenzin Yun (Tony Malone)