About us

White Dragon Teas aim is to:

"Spread the joys of drinking fine quality loose leaf tea with a focus on Cha Dao and Gong Fu Cha practice. Where each and every cup of tea is a universal bond of friendship and compassion."


Matthew (AKA: Troll) - Chajin

Troll is a lover of tea and tea culture. This involves practicing Cha Dao, including Gong Fu Cha (工夫茶) and Obon temae (お盆手前). Studying tea lore, tea history and lots of tasting...whether in a Ger on the Mongolian steppes drinking salty milk tea with Nomads, taking part in a 3 hour Chaji (茶事) in Japan with members of the Omotesenke School (表千家) or drinking tea with locals in a Xi'an Tea House. Nothing beats an early morning tea session, focusing on the tastes and scents of loose leaf teas. Husband, Father, Buddhist, Scout, Chajin.


Ven. Cha Lama Tenzin Yun (Tony Malone) - Tea Advisor

Tony is a Master of Tea, Gong Fu Teacher and Cha Dao Lama in the Gelgupa (Vajrayana) Buddhist Tradition, where he is recognized as a Tulku. He has travelled the World teaching and practicing Cha Dao for over 25 years and is also an accomplished artist, author, Scouter, Diversity and Inclusion advisor and "troublemaker for peace".